5 Simple Questions to Help You Choose Reliable Rifle Armor

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Here at HighCom, we know that choosing rifle armor for your organization is not something to be taken lightly. There is a myriad of choices for companies in the marketplace that supply armor. It may literally be a life or death decision and should be made after considerable research.

While organizations have many other options in the marketplace, there are key considerations one must consider when procuring rifle armor.

1. Does the armor have active NIJ certifications?

Armor protection is vital for our nations safety forces and military. Deadly threats faced
by members of these organizations cannot be overstated and body armor is a critical
component in personal protection against ballistic threats. The National Institute of
Justice (NIJ) has developed a rigorous and thorough compliance testing program to
ensure that body armor meets a minimum performance standard for ballistic-resistance
to determine whether the armor will perform as expected.

Is the armor you are purchasing NIJ certified Level III or Level IV rifle armor?

2. Are there internal testing measures for the armor?

Your armor manufacturer should have a state-of-the-art ballistic testing laboratory
which is designed to give their scientists, engineers, and end users a valuable tool for
assessing the reliability of body armor. Their ballistics lab should be able perform most
the tests that are performed under NIJ for external testing certification.

Their testing should go beyond a reliability standard. It should also be used to support
development and quality control of their armor systems, while also working on the next
generation of advanced armor solutions.

3. What quality management systems are in place?

Has the supplier implemented a Quality Management System that is not only ISO
9001:2008 certified, but also BA 9000 certified, a National Institute of Justice (NIJ) body
armor quality management standard? BA 9000 which is an extension of ISO 9001, is
specific to ballistics-resistant body armor manufacturing and testing. This critical
certification ensures that manufacturers provide procedures for communicating with the
compliance testing program, including unique identification for each piece of the body
armor to ensure accountability; that work areas are managed in order to reduce
negative effects on body armor; and that product testing must be completed at ISO
17025 compliant approved labs.

4. Is your supplier the armor manufacturer?

As the manufacturer, your supplier can effectively manage all critical aspects of design,
production and supply of their products. The manufacturer can assure the buyer of a
total commitment to unparalleled quality control and continual improvement, thereby
providing the very highest in quality products. It is easier for a manufacturer to stand
behind their armor than it is for a high-volume distributor of multiple brands.

5. Does the manufacturer have a history of being a trusted supplier?

It’s important to know that the supplier has a proven history of being a quality provider
of protective armor. Are they recognized within the armor industry as a trusted and
valuable resource for high-quality and cost-effective NIJ-certified armor solution? Are
they a key supplier of high-performing hard armor solutions, and played a key role in
the deployment of hard armor to Law Enforcement and U.S. troops.

Look no further.

You don’t have to look any further than HighCom to be fully assured that you are receiving the highest rated body armor and personal protective equipment on the market. We have worked very hard over the past decade to design, develop, test, and certify many of our products to NIJ standards. Using our state-of-the-art ballistic testing laboratory at our R&D center and manufacturing plant in Columbus, Ohio, we perform rigorous tests to guarantee our armor products are 100 percent effective and reliable against the threats each is rated for. We have effectively designed and implemented a Quality Management System that is ISO 9001:2008 certified, and we are the first company in the world to achieve BA 9000 certification.

For two decades, HighCom has supplied personal protective equipment to America’s federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies and military branches. We know lives depend on our commitment to excellence which is why we are dedicated to affordable quality and performance, exceptional customer service, and innovative technology. We are constantly investing effort and focus into developing the highest-quality personal protective equipment on the market.

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