There are many different positions on this and there are people on both sides of this issue that have completely different views and opinions.  However, that is exactly what they are; views and opinions.  The fact is that it is perfectly legal almost everywhere in the United States for a U.S. Citizen to Own and/or Possess Body Armor as long as certain conditions are met.  However, it is extremely important and critical that we suggest each and every customer check with their local law enforcement agency regarding state laws and regulations relating to the purchase and/or possession of body armor from vests up to plates.  

CONNECTICUT RESIDENTS: Connecticut is one state that prohibits the online sale or out of state transfer into Connecticut for residents.  If you wish to purchase body armor please see your local retailer.It is against the law in all states for convicted felons to purchase and/or possess body armor and anyone caught using body armor while committing criminal activities will receive additional charges related to the use of such protective equipment during their crimes.  

We refuse to sell to non-law abiding citizens and will work closely with law enforcement and federal agencies to stop the sale and transfer of such equipment to anyone who falls in this category.  For additional information on the purchase and ownership of Body Armor please contact your local police station and speak with anyone who has the legal authority to advise on the status of current state and federal laws