HighCom Armor has an extraordinary group of experienced and talented management team stretching back to the founding days of the armor industry. The HighCom Armor team thrives in a culture of professional development, continuous improvement, risk mitigation and execution so that we may arrive at the highest quality solution for our customers - exceeding their expectations in quality, delivery, communication, and service. Team experience includes but is not limited to: Organizational Compliance, LEAN Manufacturing, Certified ITAR Compliance, Certified Supply Chain Management, Quality Assurance Engineering, Berry Amendment Compliance, Certified Public Accountancy, Government Contract Compliance, and Finance and Business Degrees

Executive Team

Michael Bundy | President and CEO 
Mr. Bundy is our President and Chief Executive Officer and has served in both Director and senior management roles for HighCom Armor since beginning his career with the company in 2006. Upon joining HighCom Armor in 2006 he was responsible for company-wide operations and supply chain management. In 2011, Mr. Bundy was promoted to President and COO for the Armor group and has helped grow the company into a stable and quality focused manufacturing organization. In January 2018 with the retirement of our beloved Chief Executive Officer; Michael Gordon, Mr. Bundy was honored to be selected as Chief Executive Officer for the company. Mr. Bundy is responsible for the overall strategy and development of the organization and its team. Mr. Bundy previously was the President and Managing Member of a national Logistics firm. His past experience included supply chain management services for small, mid-size, and enterprise businesses throughout the Unites States. Mr. Bundy played a strategic role in developing and implementing SCM processes and policies to support the storage and distribution of more than $1 billion dollars annually of raw materials and finished goods for a number of fortune 500 companies. Prior to this, Mr. Bundy spent eight years in various businesses roles with focus in areas of inventory, operations, customer support, sales, marketing, and logistics. Mr. Bundy has earned business leadership recognition as well as certifications over the past two decades including; Certified Transportation Broker, Certified RABQSA Quality Lead Auditor, and Certified U.S. Export Compliance Officer. 

Chad Wright | VP Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management
Mr. Wright oversees our manufacturing and distribution operations in Columbus Ohio as well as our research and development programs. Mr. Wright has earned a tremendous reputation in the industry over the past two decades working for some of the most successful armor experts and companies in business today. From 2002 to 2009, Mr. Wright worked for the Composix Company, now known as “Tencate Advanced Armor” located in Newark OH, producing specialized vehicle parts and fuel tanks for military equipment. In 2004, Mr. Wright became the General Production Manager, overseeing day to day operations in production areas, in addition to setting up internal QMS, inventory, ISO implementation, shipping & receiving, logistics of freight and machinery, inventory management, etc. as well as overseeing all testing and evaluation of contracted equipment at off-site testing facilities. Mr. Wright’s R&D team designed, developed, and tested multiple armor applications for vehicle, body armor and various other armor applications. In 2008 and 2009, Mr. Wright worked for Tencate Advanced Armor. As their ballistics lab manager, Mr. Wright’s duties were working with the QC, testing various lot samples from in house production of ballistic fabrics, in addition to R&D projects to develop armor systems and test plans. In 2009, Mr. Wright joined HighCom Armor Armor, where Mr. Wright performed similar R&D and Ballistic Lab duties. Mr. Wright specifically helped establish an R&D area to effectively carry out corporate tasks that would comply to the ISO 9001 standards. In 2011, Mr. Wright took over as General Plant/Production Manager where he established HighCom Armor’s Columbus Production Facility and is currently Vice President of Operations Manufacturing.

Francis Michaud | CFO 
Francis is a dynamic bilingual senior executive with a solid track record of achievements in demanding environments in various industries. He continuously achieves success by delivering results, building high impact teams, creating strategic alliances with cross-functional leaders, and streamlining / standardizing processes to enhance productivity and profitability. Francis has leadership experience with turnarounds, start-ups and M&A, utilizing his strengths in corporate strategy, financial management and corporate governance.He also has experience with public filings, reporting to Corporate Boards and working with shareholders. Francis has over 20 years of professional experience and holds a CPA / CGA as well as a Bachelor of Commerce (honours) degree from the Queen's School of Business.  

Directors & Department Heads

Roger Steedman | Director of Accounting, CPA/Controller
Mr. Steedman joined HighCom in January of 2018 and manages all of our accounting, finance, cost analysis, legal compliance support, and inventory management with direct partnership with the manufacturing team and ownership to maintain and grow the company financial systems and resources. With a strong manufacturing background Roger works well with the entire executive team to assure the resources required are available to meet our scheduled production, overseeing accounts receivable, cash disbursement, general ledger and treasury functions. Before HighCom Roger was with Ometek Incorporated a trend setting provider of complete sheet metal components to the heavy power industry using Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM). Roger has a BA from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio (1983) and an MBA from the Fisher School of business from The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio (2011). 

Kelly Gordon |  Director of Marketing and Communications
Kelly Gordon joined HighCom in 2013 as our marketing administrator and was tasked with both digital and print media for the company. During the last five years, Kelly has played a strategic role in revamping our branding and persona and has been an asset in helping the company to launch its current website and social media programs as well as expanding the design and style of our company marketing collateral in support of our customers. She has led projects from the company online presence including the design and launch of our new company logo and deployment of company brand awareness projects. Today, as the Director of Marketing and communications she oversees all aspects of company brand management. Her responsibilities include digital marketing and graphic design where she is responsible for managing the website, branding, social media, public relations, content creation, campaign management, and sales support. She plays a major role in the coordination of our marketing efforts across multiple channels and is responsible for developing and implementing the company’s marketing strategy. Kelly grew up in sunny northern Florida and attended the University of Central Florida where she majored in Advertising and Public Relations and earned her Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and Public Relations. Prior to working at HighCom, Kelly worked as a marketing and promotions coordinator for a boutique advertising firm in Los Angeles.
Salony Kothari | Compliance Program Manager
Ms. Kothari joined HighCom in 2018 as our Compliance Program Manager and is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring compliance for trade and regulatory operations. Salony comes to us with over 12 years of experience in a number of roles from product process training, compliance and investigation, human resources, operations, quality management, customer service, and organizational training. After earning her BS in Commerce from DAVV, Indore India, she began her career with HSBC Financial before transitioning into a number of management leadership roles for Teleperformance India Pvt. Ltd. Salony holds a number of certifications for human resource, organizational & operational training, and is currently certified yellow belt six sigma. With this experience and background she will lead our organization for continuing control and improvement of trade compliance, organizational compliance, regulatory compliance and support of financial and quality audit teams. 

Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management

John Atkins | Director Soft Armor Program Management, IT lead
Mr. Atkins oversees all soft armor program management including R&D, design, equipment, testing, production management, and quality engineering support. John is an innovative designer and problem solver with a rich family history dating back to his grandfather and father being involved with armor design and manufacturing in the early years of the industry. Going on 15 years of experience in every aspect of business operations and management related to the body armor industry, John is a talented and dedicated employee who focuses his time and effort on future systems and program management for quality improvement. John started his career in 2002 working for his father and grandfather in TopLine Armor Systems a 50+ year old body armor company. His grandfather and father were pioneers in the armor industry which afforded him the opportunity to grow up on the factory floor. John’s education is grounded in mechanical and electrical engineering and includes computer science and has been recognized with awards for his achievement sin mathematics and science throughout his education. John is highly proficient in systems and program management as well as countless software and engineering systems. John is involved daily with Design and Engineering takes as well as database programming, label system design, mechanical repair, ISO 9001 quality process design and improvement, CAD pattern design, and ballistic material science. John’s passions include Electrical Engineering and advanced robotics.

Jim Lambrecht | Director Helmet and Shield Program Management, Facility Maintenance Lead
Mr. Lambrecht oversees all helmet and shield program management including equipment, testing, production management, and quality engineering support.
Fresnel Jean-Francois | Logistics Manager, Quality System Lead
Mr. Jean-Francois oversees all logistics related activities for the company including order management and production resource allocation with an emphasis on warehouse and distribution activities including quality engineering support.
Yong Pok Weaver | Soft Armor Production Manager
Ms. Yong Pok Weaver oversees all soft armor cut and sew operations management including design, materials management, layup, configuration, production management, and quality engineering support.

Sales Support & Administration
Jamie McCormick | LE Program Manager
Mr. McCormick joined HighCom in 2018 as our LE Market Manager and is tasked with the responsibility of supporting our vast distributor network for law enforcement sales. Jamie comes to us with nearly 30 years of experience in law enforcement, criminal justice administration, government contracting, security services, investigations, financial management, business leadership, sales, marketing management, and a number of related activities in the U.S. Government and civilian spaces of defense contracting. Jamie earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice Administration from James Madison University. Jamie has spent collectively 14 years in law enforcement, and 15 years in financial and business management. Jamie holds a top-secret security clearance with DoD and has spent the last 8 years supporting Department of Defense, Military and Law Enforcement contracts. His most recent activities were as a regional program manager for Bob Barker Company Inc., working with LE agencies. Jamie will be a tremendous asset to HighCom in leading the growth strategy for our law enforcement segment sales activities.
Heather Garza | Sales Support Administrator
Ms. Garza joined HighCom in 2018 as our Sales Support Administrator and is tasked with the responsibility of overseeing all order entry and management, tracking, and customer support. Heather comes to us with over 20 years of experience in a number of administrative and executive support roles with an exceptional office operations support background. Her expertise with assisting executives and upper management, along with effectively supporting accounting, human resources, and purchasing will make her a great fit for her role with HighCom. She is a dedicated professional who is highly organized and efficient in fast-paced multitasking environment​s. She possesses excellent written and verbal communication skills and will be a great asset in taking over and managing our order entry and support activities for sales growth. Her passion is in process mapping and work instruction development and she is our first (and only) notary public.
Cynthia Mitchell-Dawson | Bid Program Administrator
Ms. Mitchell-Dawson joined HighCom in 2018 as our Bid Program Administrator and is tasked with the responsibility of overseeing market federal, state, municipal, and private bid opportunities and marketplace in support of our distribution network growth. Cynthia comes to us with over 25 years of diverse experience in business development, ​operations, and legal support functions of which includes over two decades of paralegal related work in support of business administration, contract management, corporate governance, regulatory filings, auditing, fire and police pensions, human resources, sales, training and development, and a variety of operational support activities. Her expertise for legal matters and technical document support will be a huge asset as she will develop and build out our bid services and administration department to allow HighCom to become more effective at managing U.S. domestic and foreign SOI's, RFI's, RFQ's, and a variety of services related to market analysis.
Devin Wood | Customer Success Specialist
​​​Ms. Wood joined HighCom in 2018 as our Customer Success Specialist and is tasked with the responsibility of maintaining distributor related support for marketing, sales, and technical needs and related activities for our OEM and Dealer network throughout the world. Devin comes to us after recently graduating from College with a BS in Business​ with an emphasis in Marketing​.​ During her time in school while earning her degree from Colorado Christian University she has worked in administrative support roles for marketing and social media management in a diverse set of businesses including insurance, business coaching, and technology services. She will be a great asset to HighCom in supporting our distribution network and helping to manage communications more effectively. Devin will be maintaining accounts and the database for distributors along with handling marketing support and related activities for our OEM and Dealer network throughout the world.
Key Advisors

Curt Cronin | Director, Strategic and Leadership Support
Mr. Cronin is an expert on Leading High-Performance Teams, Former Navy SEAL. Over his 16-year-long career as a Navy SEAL, Curt Cronin deployed thirteen times and spent more than four years overseas. In that time, living and working in an environment where milliseconds made the difference between life and death and winning and losing, he honed his talent as a catalyst for transformation and rose to eventually lead the nation’s premier SEAL assault force. As a SEAL leader, he maximized his team’s effectiveness by forging unique and unlikely alliances. He transformed an offensive unit of Navy SEALs into a defensive Presidential protection unit in the midst of combat and single-handedly created the model for multi-disciplinary counter-terrorism operations out of a widely disparate patchwork of organizations as part of an Embassy team in the Middle East. Curt’s experiences as a SEAL reinforced his fundamental belief that the competitive edge for any organization in the information age is neither technology nor information, but the unparalleled power of an aligned team.
Andrew Blott | Director, Business Development and Finance Support
Mr. Blott founded Quantum Capital in 2004 and led the firm’s investment in Apache Industrial Services, Don Best Sports, Skyway Canada Limited and RailCrew Express. Prior to founding Quantum, Mr. Blott spent ten years on Wall Street originating and structuring Leverage Buyouts, Mergers & Acquisitions and Leverage Finance transactions at firms including Credit Suisse First Boston, Salomon Smith Barney, Banc of America Securities and CIBC World Markets. Mr. Blott is a Director of Apache Industrial Services, a leading provider of multi-craft industrial services to the North American process and industrial infrastructure markets; Skyway Canada Limited, an industry leading Canadian scaffolding services provider; SIR Corp, a leading Canadian casual dining restaurant chain with multiple brands including Jack Astor’s; Lone Star Texas Grill, a Texas themed Canadian restaurant chain; and RailCrew Xpress, an industry leading provider of logistics services to the US Class One railways. Mr. Blott holds officer positions and is Chairman of the Audit Committees of Apache Industrial Services, Skyway Canada, RailCrew Xpress and Lone Star Texas Grill. Mr. Blott also serves on the Audit Committees of SIR Corp.  He has played an active board member role and been a member of the Young Presidents Organization since 2008.