For nearly two decades, HighCom has been supplying critical security products and personal protective equipment to America’s federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies and military branches and has helped to save countless lives. Our teams of highly actionable and professional employees combine over 60 years of experience. Our passion and focus is simple; save lives and strive to deliver protective life saving solutions that far exceed our customers’ expectations and requirements. We come to our offices and factory every day and spend more time focused on increasing our performance through product superiority because operators around the world are sacrificing so much in order to defend our freedom and the freedom of this great country. HighCom bases its performance metrics off of the philosophy that one size does not fit all and neither do our solutions. 

We recognize we cannot be all things to all customers and instead we try to focus on the most important aspects of personal protective equipment supply.

  1. We are one of the best at providing cost effective quality armor products
  2. We are exceeding the current standards required by federal, state, and local agencies while focusing on product performance for the long term
  3. We satisfy every single customer who does business with us by ensuring an on time delivery and under budget solution
  4. Most importantly, we are constantly evolving our business processes to ensure not only the best possible customer service but the best possible in spec solutions to each and every one of our customers.

HighCom could never do all of this on our own. We are constantly tapping into the vast knowledge of our key partners and suppliers throughout the world to ensure we are receiving the best possible quality raw materials, at cost effective prices, to maintain our commitments to our most valuable asset: Our Customers. HighCom's performance standards continue to exceed industry standards, as well as our own internal quality objectives that are continuously strengthened to ensure an ongoing output of highly effective personal protective equipment. This is also why today HighCom is used as a benchmark for many others within the industry to match pricing and product performance.

While our customers have other options in the marketplace, there are key considerations one must consider when procuring armor products and we stress this to anyone who we work with:

  • Does your supplier have NIJ certifications? If yes, are they still valid and listed on the NIJ active certifications
  • Is your supplier a manufacturer or a distributor?
  • What are the additional internal measures for testing and quality control they use before, during, and after production of their protective products?
  • Does the manufacturer of your worn protective products have liability insurance to help protect you the operator? You can view our insurance policy here. 

Need help? Have questions about our products? Contact us here!

We are in business for one simple reason: we make products to protect lives from bullets and bombs. Our professional integrity is deeply rooted in our corporate culture and developing and producing the world’s highest-quality personal protective equipment is just part of the HighCom legacy of leadership and our commitment to excellence. We stand behind our products and service and it makes it easier to do this when we know the high quality and high performance products we make and sell are this good. HighCom has never had a recall in its history of business and we have never been removed from the NIJ CPL list like many others products and models continuously are. We stand behind our products because we know our customers lives depend on our commitment to excellence. Order any of our products today and if for any reason you are not happy with your purchase return it for a full refund no questions asked. 

We do not have an extensive network of distributors like some of the big guys and do not boast of hundreds of shops to buy at. This is one of the important reasons we have developed our online store and the same reason we maintain a midsize and close knit distribution network that we know will provide only the very best solution for our customers at the prices we know will be competitive. If you are interested in buying any of our products you can find them here on our store or through one of our distributors located here.